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New Work


At last I hear you cry….I have completed a new image which I have also put on the website (a small triumph of time management). I have also put two other pieces up which have been in circulation for a few months but haven’t made it to the portfolio pages of my site. So may I present….

Summer Swallows

summer swallows 2

and let me introduce you all to Peewits, Mardling and Gossip


Last chance

Several of my most popular images have reached the end of their editions and are no longer available or so i believed. On a recent visit to the Bond Street Shop in Hingham, Norfolk, I discovered three pieces that are no longer in stock anywhere else!  So if you thought you had missed your chance then perhaps you haven’t. For contact details and directions follow link above.

The shop is packed with beautiful work from local artists and makers. A really classy establishment with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


So in the precious hour I had in the studio today I have gone through my website and updated a few images that were listed as out of stock and added a few that have been languishing out of view. My intent is that I will try to keep a tidier shop! Wish me luck – I would rather be printing so I might be tempted away from the scanner by my etching press which is currently giving me reproachful looks…


I guess as a wildlife artist I cannot really get angry when it eats my plates!

On the plus side for those of you that own ‘Blackbird in Magnolia’ your print has now increased in rarity as I only printed a third of the edition…hmmm there is a lesson in that I guess.


Photography day with James Neale

So, in the on-going battle between myself and my camera, I attended a workshop at Banham zoo with the Photographer James Neale. What a lovely day! Lots of tips to get the best out of photographing the animals and lots of brilliant advice about buttons and twiddlings on the camera…needless to say I took lots of photos and have just spent an hour picking three to post here. Howler Monkey (through glass), Lemur sunning itself and the baby Spider monkey…


I am so pleased with this last image of the baby spider monkey; their eyes are startling blue when they are born.

Anyway, my Dad kept me company for the day too – and we fully intend to come back to put into practise everything we learnt…watch this space for more shots.

I highly recommend the course especially if you are new to photography or want a refresher. The tips and advice on getting the best shots out of a zoo environment were brill!  Take a look at the links below for more info.

Banham Zoo photography

James Neale


We went back!


A work in progress

imageSo, I have been watching a barn owl quartering the fields – a view from my living room window, how lucky am I?- and building up enough gusto to start on another big collagraph plate. I thought I would post this as a ‘work in progress’ and I will update it as I go along. So I started with a tiny thumbnail which I took straight to the plate and worked up as a sketch.

owl 1
From the thumbnail straight to the plate
The next step was to decide how to use tone to build the image.  I decided to cut the owl out;  peeling the smooth surface of the card away to reveal the texture of the under-layer. This would print as a dark owl shaped silhouette and I could add lighter tones with hammerite. It was necessary to redraw the owl so that I knew where to paint!

So here you can see the plate and the proof with the hammerite highlights. It was necessary to sand some of the hammerite back because it raised the rough texture of the card but I quite liked the way this added to the textures of the feathers.

There is still more to be done. This plate is at a dangerous stage – it looks as though it is going to work well but, I have to add more highlights to the body and it could go badly wrong.

So keep your fingers crossed and I will post the finished print when I can…if I don’t then I am probably sulking about the temperamental nature of printmaking!


Next installment I decided it needed more foliage so I sketched it out onto the proof cut it all out and then printed it again. Here is the final image.




RSPB Titchwell

We had decided to spend a precious free Sunday watching birds. Hubby, in the tradition of reluctant ornithologist, wanted guaranteed action and so we ventured out to Titchwell reserve where at least you could get a decent bacon sandwich. It was beautiful  – we were lucky to see a tiny snipe and the distant shape of the Marsh Harrier among some of the more plentiful Teal and Avocets.

It is the turn of the Terns

So I have been thinking about Little Terns for a few months now and I finally decided to start a plate. This has taken a couple of days to do and I finally printed a few off today.

Adding hammerite paint for highlights and white areas


Plate on the press ready to go…a nervous moment!


A Place in the Country

Gosh, it seem ages since I last posted anything. In my defence this painting has taken ages, but, here it is! Its first public appearance will be at the Southwold Gallery during my ‘feature show’ from the 25th March to the 3rd April 2016.

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