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RSPB Titchwell

We had decided to spend a precious free Sunday watching birds. Hubby, in the tradition of reluctant ornithologist, wanted guaranteed action and so we ventured out to Titchwell reserve where at least you could get a decent bacon sandwich. It was beautiful  – we were lucky to see a tiny snipe and the distant shape of the Marsh Harrier among some of the more plentiful Teal and Avocets.

It is the turn of the Terns

So I have been thinking about Little Terns for a few months now and I finally decided to start a plate. This has taken a couple of days to do and I finally printed a few off today.

Adding hammerite paint for highlights and white areas


Plate on the press ready to go…a nervous moment!


A Place in the Country

Gosh, it seem ages since I last posted anything. In my defence this painting has taken ages, but, here it is! Its first public appearance will be at the Southwold Gallery during my ‘feature show’ from the 25th March to the 3rd April 2016.


I have finished printing two of my most popular images – Foraging Wren and Goldfinches. This morning I spent an hour with a sharp pencil signing and editioning them!

It is a funny feeling when you get to the end of a print run – mainly it is quite exciting because you have made a connection with a lot of people and they liked it enough to want it in their home.

It is also a bit sad to think that you will never print from the plate again because it has kept you company for such a long time and seen you through quite a few exhibitions.

Ah well – I will just have to start working on some new ones!

Welcome to my first blog.

My wonderful husband suggested that I should write about where I find my inspiration and about what I get up to in the studio – so here I am trying to  decide what to include in my first post.

Blank paper syndrome…

Hey, there’s an idea. My first post  – blank canvas to finished painting.




cliff top os

It is called ‘Cliff Top’ and is painted with acrylic on canvas. This is a piece I hauled out of the archives – painted in 2011. From now on I will try to record my new pieces in stages and post them here.

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