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June 2018

Time to notice the little Things

I took Dog out for a walk the other day while my lovely hubby put the kids to bed. I took the usual paraphernalia – lead, poo bags, phone, dog, but added the camera. I was a little longer than usual as the macro lens means I become distracted by the little world we usually stomp through. There are beautiful things out there when we take the time to look!




When I got home these little guys were on the fence so a quick lens change…

A quick change to the telephoto!


Time is precious so I do not often run the risk of experimenting. I have to be in the right frame of mind and utterly ready to spend a whole day producing potentially disappointing images. Often I have a very clear picture in my head of what I want and it just doesn’t happen – a trap I fall into time and time again. Well this week I started to experiment in a new direction and as yet don’t know whether it has been a worth while investment of time.

This is the idea


The small experimental plates…


The results so far…layers

I need to keep playing. It is not quite what I had in mind and I think I need to work more on the background before I over-print.

Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed – I will post updates.

The Foraging Party

My garden has been full of birds and insects since the sun made an appearance. Thinking about that statement – it is more likely that it is always full of life but I have been spending more time out there noticing it! Anyway the result is a new collagraph print featuring a trio of Long Tailed Tits as they ransack my honeysuckle for whatever takes their fancy.

fp 1
Sketching onto the card plate
Beginning to cut out the leaves
The final prints

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